EASA PART 66 Module 3 (Electrican Fundamental)Part2


Part 3.2 Static Electricity and Conduction

  1. Static electricity and distribution of electrostatic charges; 
  2. Electrostatic laws of attraction and repulsion; 
  3. Units of charge, Coulomb's Law; 
  4. Conduction of electricity in solids, liquids, gases and a vacuum. 

Part 3.3 Electrical Terminology
  • The following terms, their units and factors affecting them: potential difference, electromotive force, voltage, current, resistance, conductance, charge,conventional current flow, electron flow. 

Part 3.4 Generation of Electricity
  • Production of electricity by the following methods: light, heat, friction, pressure, chemical action, magnetism and motion. 

Part 3.5 DC Sources of Electricity
  1. Construction and basic chemical action of: primary cells, secondary cells, lead acid cells, nickel cadmium cells, other alkaline cells; 
  2. Cells connected in series and parallel; Internal resistance and its effect on a battery; 
  3. Construction, materials and operation of thermocouples; Operation of photo-cells.

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