EASA PART 66 Module 4 (Electronic Fundamental) part 1 Semiconductors


4.1 Semiconductors
4.1.1 Diodes

(a) -Diode symbols;
  • Diode characteristics and properties; 
  • Diodes in series and parallel; 
  • Main characteristics and use of silicon controlled rectifiers (thyristors), light emitting diode, photo conductive diode, varistor, rectifier diodes; 
  • Functional testing of diodes. 

(b) -Materials, electron configuration, electrical properties;

  • P and N type materials: effects of impurities on conduction, majority and minority characters; 
  • PN junction in a semiconductor, development of a potential across a PN junction in unbiased, forward biased and reverse biased conditions; 
  • Operation and function of diodes in the following circuits: clippers, clampers, 
  • full and half wave rectifiers, bridge rectifiers, voltage doublers and triplers; 
  • Detailed operation and characteristics of the following devices: silicon con-trolled rectifier(thyristor), light emitting diode, Shottky diode, photo conductive diode, varactor diode, varistor, rectifier diodes, Zener diode.


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