EASA PART 66 Module 4 Electronic Fundamental Part 4 ,Servomechanisms


4.3 Servomechanisms

(a)- Understanding of the following terms: Open and closed loop systems, feedback, follow up, analogue transducers;

Principles of operation and use of the following synchro system components/features: resolvers, differential, control and torque, transformers, inductance and capacitance transmitters.

(b) Understanding of the following terms: Open and closed loop, follow up, servomechanism, analogue, transducer, null, damping, feedback, deadband;

  • Construction operation and use of the following synchro system components:
  • Resolvers, differential, control and torque, E and I transformers, inductance transmitters, capacitance transmitters, synchronous transmitters; 
  • Servomechanism defects, reversal of synchro leads, hunting.

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