EASA PART 66 Module 7 Maintenance Practices Part 7,Aircraft Weight and Balance

(16a. Aircraft Weight and Balance 16b. Aircraft Weight and Balance. 18a. Disassembly, Inspection, repair and Assembly Techniques)

7.16 Aircraft Weight and Balance

Centre of Gravity/Balance limits calculation: use of relevant documents;

Preparation of aircraft for weighing;
Aircraft weighing;

7.17 Aircraft Handling and Storage
Aircraft taxiing/towing and associated safety precautions;
Aircraft jacking, chocking, securing and associated safety precautions;
Aircraft storage methods;
Refuelling/defuelling procedures;
De-icing/anti-icing procedures;
Electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic ground supplies.
Effects of environmental conditions on aircraft handling and operation.

7.18 Disassembly, Inspection, Repair and Assembly Techniques
Types of defects and visual inspection techniques.

Corrosion removal, assessment and reprotection.

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