EASA PART 66 Module 7 Maintenance Practices Part 6,material handling,welding

(14.1. Material Handling - Sheet metal. 14.2. Material Handling - Composite and non 15b. Welding, Brazing, Soldering and Bonding)

7.14 Material handling
7.14.1 Sheet Metal :

  • Marking out and calculation of bend allowance;
  • Sheet metal working, including bending and forming;
  • Inspection of sheet metal work.

7.14.2 Composite and non-metallic 

  • Bonding practices;
  • Environmental conditions Inspection methods;

7.15 Welding, Brazing, Soldering and Bonding(a)

Soldering methods; inspection of soldered joints.


  • Welding and brazing methods;
  • Inspection of welded and brazed joints;
  • Bonding methods and inspection of bonded joints.

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