EASA PART 66 Module 7 Maintenance Practices Part 5,Pipes,spring,bearing,control cables

(09. Pipes and Hoses. 10. Springs.11.Bearing 12. Transmissions 13. Control Cables.)

7.9 Pipes and Hoses 

  • Bending and belling/flaring aircraft pipes;
  • Inspection and testing of aircraft pipes and hoses;
  • Installation and clamping of pipes.

7.10 Springs 
Inspection and testing of springs.

7.11 Bearings

  • Testing, cleaning and inspection of bearings;
  • Lubrication requirements of bearings;
  • Defects in bearings and their causes.

7.12 Transmissions 

  • Inspection of gears, backlash;
  • Inspection of belts and pulleys, chains and sprockets;
  • Inspection of screw jacks, lever devices, push-pull rod systems.

7.13 Control Cables 

  • Swaging of end fittings;
  • Inspection and testing of control cables;
  • Bowden cables; aircraft flexible control systems.

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